White Paper

Fracture toughness of thin high-strength metal sheets

This White Paper contains definitions of fracture mechanics concepts, recommendations for fracture toughness characterization of thin ductile metal sheets, state-of-the-art techniques for fracture toughness assessment, novel testing approaches and successful industrial application cases.

It tries to answer to frequently asked questions like what fracture toughness is, why is important to know fracture toughness properties of high strength steels and how can it be applied to understand daily problems in industrial production and improve material selection. The content is based on the results of the ToughSteel project and its actvities.

Definition of fracture mechanics concepts and fracture toughness characterisation state-of-the-art techniques to characterise the plane stress fracture toughness of thin ductile metal sheets.

Definition of the fracture toughness database created in ToughSteel and the procedures necessary to encode or consult data.


Review of the implementation of fracture toughness measurements in the sheet metal sector to understand and predict crack-related phenomena during the design and implementation of high-performance sheet metals.
Results of academic and industrial research works, as well as practical examples of the application of fracture toughness in the industry.

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