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New methodologies for the design and application of high-strength steels in sectors such as automotive

Eurecat hosted today an event jointly organized by the coordinators of the European RFCS projects ToughSteel, Crystal and MiPre. Solutions to optimize the development of new high-performance metal alloys and guarantee their safe application in the design of products with high-added value were presented. Barcelona, 29 of June, 2023 — The ToughSteel project, together with…

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New tool to increase the competitiveness of European sheet metal industries: a fracture resistance database

The fracture resistance database, developed in the frame of the European ToughSteel project, aims at helping steel producers to position their products regarding existing ones and at accelerating the design of new alloys and of parts design by anticipating forming problems. The essential work of fracture methodology has been recently introduced in the steel industry.…

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ToughSteel provides innovative fracture toughness characterisation tests to European companies in the metal sector

Six European companies in the metal industry applying to the ToughSteel Open Call have been selected to receive free services to characterise metals’ fracture properties to predict cracking and prevent production losses, tackling challenges in formability and part quality assessment.  The organisations winning the Open Call are Benteler Automotive Vigo (Spain), MW Italia srl, MA SRL Gruppo CLN and Marcegaglia Ravenna (Italy), SSAB (Sweden) and Forvia Faurecia (France).…

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Applications open for accessing to free innovative fracture characterisation tests to address cracking in metal components

Applications open for accessing to free innovative fracture characterisation tests to address cracking in metal components SMEs and companies in the metal sector can now apply to receive free services to understand cracking problems, improving part performance, and preventing production losses ToughSteel disseminates the benefits of fracture toughness as a tool to address cracking problems…

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Innovations in fracture prediction and impact resistance in high-strength steels to step up production efficiency in sectors including the automotive industry

The ToughSteel project has drawn up a database and an industry user guide which compiles existing information on fracture toughness values of sheet steels and new methods for evaluating this property, respectively. The aim is to optimise materials selection, prevent production losses and shorten the time to market for high-performance metal components which are used…

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ToughSteel project kicks-off!

ToughSteel project kicks-off! The ToughSteel project has kicked off with the objective to valorise, disseminate and raise awareness about the concept of fracture toughness, as well as its extension to other applications in the steel sector and to other industries working with Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS). The ToughSteel project involves and engages the main stakeholders…

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