Project newsletters

Newsletter 1 - July 2022

In the first newsletter of the ToughSteel project you will find information about ToughSteel RFCS project, the user guidelines produced to effectively uptake methodologies of fracture toughness evaluation in sheet metals, a database on steels’ fracture resistance data for the steel community and the latest dissemination activities and scientific production developed within the project.

Newsletter 2 - October 2022

The second ToughSteel newsletter promotes the Open Call launched by the project, aiming at helping companies of the metal manufacturing sector evaluate crack initiation and propagation resistance of thin metal sheets.

Newsletter 3 - January 2023

In the third ToughSteel newsletter you will learn more about the organisations selected to participate in the project’s Open Call, which will provide technical support addressing cracking problems such as edge-cracking, flangeability or crashworthiness. You will also find content about an open-access database on fracture resistance data or the work done in standardising fracture thoughness novel methodologies.

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