Eurecat is the leading Technology Centre of Catalonia, providing the industrial and business sector with differential technology and advanced expertise.

The centre offers solutions to their innovation needs and boosts their competitiveness in a fast-paced environment. It brings together the expertise of 650 professionals who generate a volume of income of 50M€ per year. Serving more than a thousand companies, Eurecat is involved in 200 projects of R&D national and international with high strategic value.

Contribution to ToughSteel

Eurecat will be responsible for the project management, coordination and communication activities. As the coordinator, Eurecat will ensure a connection between the project consortium and the European Commission and will ensure the accomplishment of the defined milestones and deliverables as agreed in this proposal. Eurecat will also take care of the financial administration of the project.

Concerning project execution, Eurecat will lead the elaboration of the industrial user guideline and will participate in the creation of the fracture toughness database. The center will be also strongly involved in training activities, as well as in dissemination and standardization activities.