UC Louvain


The Université catholique de Louvain is a multisite university in Belgium (Louvain-la-Neuve, Brussels Woluwé, Brussels Saint-Gilles, Mons, Tournai, and Charleroi) at the forefront of innovation and excellence in education and research.  

The university involves more than 30,000 students of 123 different nationalities and a staff of about 5,800 teachers, researchers and administrative and technical collaborators. It is ranked first among Belgian francophone universities. Research is one of UCLouvain’s main activities with €242M in annual R&D investment. More than 1000 research contracts are signed every year with universities, public institutions and private companies. UCLouvain actively participates in the R&I programmes of the European Union. It is notably involved in 176 projects within FP7 and in 137 Horizon 2020 projects. Among Horizon 2020 projects, UCLouvain hosts 44 MSCA and 31 ERC. 

Contribution to ToughSteel

UCLouvain is in charge of the collection, organization and analysis of fracture toughness data from research project from the partner and open literature