Luleå University of Technology


Luleå University of Technology is experiencing strong growth with world-leading competence in several areas of research.  

Luleå University of Technology is a leading technical university and our research aims to provide conditions and tools for the construction of the attractive and sustainable society. Our research is conducted in close collaboration with industries and leading international universities. Luleå University of Technology has a total turnover of SEK 1,8 billion per year. We currently have 1,770 employees and 17,200 students. 

Contribution to ToughSteel

Luleå University of Technology is in charge of organizing academic workshops aim to involve researchers working in R&D activities related to fracture mechanics, advanced steels and sheet metal forming. Luleå University of Technology is also responsible for two digital courses, covering a large part of the methods developed by the partners in the project.
Luleå University of Technology