UNESID is the Spanish Association of Companies Producing Steel and Primary Steel Processing Products. 

Created in 1968, UNESID groups all manufacturers of flat and long products, both unalloyed and alloyed steel, including stainless steels. The producers of non-welded tubes, welded tubes, cold-rolled strip, cast steel, cold-formed profiles, calibrated steel, road barriers, coated profile sheet and free forging are also members. UNESID is also member of Eurofer and WorldSteel, among others. 

PLATEA is the Spanish Steel Technological Platform that was created in 2005. It groups Steel Producers, Technological Centers, Universities, R&D&I Centers, and the Spanish Administration dealing with steel in general and focusing on research, development and innovation around steel. UNESID holds PLATEA Technical Secretariat. 

Contribution to ToughSteel

PLATEA outlines the research lines at short and long term in relation to the steel, its production and uses, collaborating with all the different R+D+i steel agents: industries, research and technological centers, universities, trade unions and public administrations. This organization will bring the opportunity to disseminate the ToughSteel results and progresses to an important number of steel stakeholders such as: the users, the producers, research and technological centers, Universities, trade unions and public administrations.